After months of building and educating our community on the novel framework for parachain auctions and crowdloans, our team ended June 2021 in celebration, as Karura officially secured the first public parachain slot on Kusama!

The achievement was no small feat, as Kusama required competing teams to bid KSM in a parachain slot auction to secure their connection to its relay chain. With over 500,000 KSM contributed by the community — over $100 million USD in total value locked — Karura has won the first-ever parachain slot auction on Kusama and has launched its scalable, EMV-compatible network optimized for DeFi.

Karura wins with community-contribution of 501k KSM

Karura wins auction with over 500k KSM contributed in the community-backed crowdloan — launch rollout process has begun

Updated June 29, 2021

After over two years of technical development efforts from the Acala team and almost a year of community and brand building, Karura has won the first-ever parachain slot auction on Kusama with 501,137.66 KSM contributed by the community! This was truly a global community effort, and we can’t thank everyone enough for the overwhelming and unprecedented support. Karura’s network is now live on Kusama and has begun producing its first blocks:

April was a month highlighted by a few key events that will help shape the direction of both Acala and Karura’s networks — most notably our grant from Compound Grants, our integration with Chainlink oracles, and our partnership with Gauntlet. We also completed our first Build Acala event, which was a community-oriented event to begin bootstrapping the Acala Treasury. Last, our team was out in the cryptosphere talking about Acala, Karura, Polkadot, Kusama, crowdloans, and more, so check out those videos below.

Acala Receives Compound Grant for Starport

Acala has received one of the first Compound Grants for our proposal to integrate with Compound Chain and…

Acala‘s xTokens grant follows the team’s previously awarded grants for the aUSD stablecoin, Acala EVM, LaminarChain, and Reusable Libraries

Acala has delivered all milestones for the Web3 Foundation grant we received for our xTokens pallet, which brings cross-consensus messages (XCM) ability for fungible assets to all parachains in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems (Wave 9 Grants). You can find the implementation on Github. We invite any parachain team to become #ComposableWith Acala by simply following the instructions on the Acala Wiki. This marks the fifth Web3 Foundation grant received by Acala and Laminar, the development arm behind Acala. See all Web3 Foundation grants here.


XCM, and the xTokens implementation, is a fundamental component to enable a cross-chain ecosystem and…

We are excited to announce that Karura, the DeFi parachain built for Kusama by the Acala Foundation, has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds. Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized price oracles provide Karura smart contract developers with tamper-proof, hyper-reliable, and precise financial market data directly on-chain. Developers can use that data to quickly start building secure DeFi applications and products across numerous use cases like derivatives, lending, stablecoins, asset management, and more.

This integration was made possible by the recent launch of a Chainlink oracle pallet, which gives all projects within the Polkadot ecosystem, including parachains, substrate chains, and Kusama parachains like Karura, a…

Gauntlet will contribute to optimizing solvency and capital efficiency for DeFi on Polkadot and Kusama

Acala and Karura have entered into a strategic partnership with Gauntlet. Gearing up for Acala’s Kusama-based launch of Karura, Gauntlet will build a financial model for Karura with a focus on market risks like solvency and capital efficiency. This model will also be refined and extended for Acala on the Polkadot at launch.

Gauntlet is a simulation platform for on-chain risk management. Gauntlet has performed market risk assessments for Compound, MakerDAO, Liquity, Notional, and soon to be released Aave, and more. They are active participants in numerous communities and governance processes — including Uniswap and Compound where they are top…

Our team is thrilled to welcome Coinbase Ventures to the Acala ecosystem. This week, the investment arm of Coinbase has announced their support for Acala, the all-in-one DeFi hub of Polkadot. This investment also supports Karura, the DeFi hub of Kusama being built by the Acala team.

Acala is an EVM-compatible layer-1 blockchain optimized for DeFi. The Acala team has also built a full suite of DeFi applications on top of the blockchain platform, enabling four core products: Liquid DOT staking (LDOT), the multi-collateralized stablecoin, Acala Dollar (aUSD), an AMM decentralized exchange called the Acala DEX, and Acala’s decentralized sovereign…

Last week SubQuery released the next stage of their project, the SubQuery Explorer. This week, Acala and SubQuery have finalized an integration to allow users and developers to query and extract data from Acala’s DeFi hub for Polkadot in only minutes and at no cost.

SubQuery is a data aggregation layer that will operate between the layer-1 blockchain (Acala) and DApp layer. The solution aggregates and organizes data from Acala and other blockchains, serving up well-structured data for developers to use for a wide array of projects. …

February flew by bringing the Polkadot and Kusama communities one step closer to parachains. Though an exact date is unclear, we can confirm that Acala has been busy testing and refining the code on Polkadot’s parachain testnet while preparing for the fast-approaching Karura parachain auction events. Be sure to join the Karura Parachain Auction Waitlist for up-to-date information on the event and to reserve a 5% referral bonus for you and 5% for anyone in your network.

On the Acala side, we saw some significant technical progress with our first cross-chain token transfer completed with Plasm, as well as the…

In this post, I’ll dive into crowdloans, how they’re different (and much better) than ICOs, how to participate, how parachain auctions work, and much more. First a quick intro…

Hey! This is Dan Reecer. I am currently VP of Growth for Acala and Karura, and previously launched Polkadot and Kusama at Web3 Foundation. Acala is building the all-in-one DeFi hub of Polkadot, and Karura is serving the same purpose for the Kusama community.

Karura’s parachain auction will take place first and is, in my opinion, the most useful and anticipated launch on Kusama in 2021. From day 1, Karura will…

Dan Reecer

VP of Growth @ Acala and Karura. Previously launched Polkadot and Kusama @ Web3 Foundation.

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