OriginTrail has announced the intent to integrate its multi-chain Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) on Acala, the DeFi and liquidity hub of Polkadot. The integration will put OriginTrail’s global mesh network of indexable assets (real world and digital) and data into the hands of developers in the Acala ecosystem. OriginTrail comes…

Project Venkman, an e-commerce engagement solutions provider, is announcing Acala as its technology partner for launching a portfolio of brand engagement solutions using on-chain loyalty points and NFTs. Venkman and Acala’s partnership will begin with a loyalty and NFT platform built for Venkman’s first client, theCHIVE, and its 10 million…

Trustless trading for the BNC/kUSD pair will go live following a 48-hour period of one- or two-sided bootstrap provisioning on Karura.

Karura Swap, the AMM-style decentralized exchange on Kusama, has joined forces with Bifrost Finance to introduce its newest trading pair BNC/kUSD. The pair will launch in Bootstrap mode on October 19 at 13:00 UTC with trustless trading scheduled to go live on October 21 at 13:00 UTC.

To celebrate the…

Karura wins auction with over 500k KSM contributed in the community-backed crowdloan — launch rollout process has begun

Updated June 29, 2021

After over two years of technical development efforts from the Acala team and almost a year of community and brand building, Karura has won the first-ever parachain slot auction on Kusama with 501,137.66 KSM contributed by the community! This was truly a global community effort, and…

LCDOT joins Acala’s suite of derivative products to enable new DeFi use cases within Acala’s DeFi Economy

Update: Parachain slot auctions have been officially announced by Polkadot to begin on November 11th, so you can now begin unbonding your DOT in preparation for the Acala Crowdloan.

Acala, the Ethereum-compatible DeFi and liquidity hub of Polkadot, has launched Liquid Crowdloan DOT (LCDOT) ahead of its upcoming crowdloan event

Dan Reecer

VP of Growth @ Acala and Karura. Previously launched Polkadot and Kusama @ Web3 Foundation.

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