Web3 Builders: Gantree | An All-in-one Infrastructure Toolkit for Substrate Blockchains

Democratising participation in the peer-to-peer economy by making it easy for organisations to create and operate their own node infrastructure

By: Alexander Ramsey, CEO of Gantree

The Gantree team are developing products that will democratise participation in the peer to peer economy by making it easy for organisations to create and operate their own node infrastructure. Our mission is to empower any organisation to grow and cultivate a peer to peer economy and we see reliable and configurable node infrastructure as critical to the success of that mission and Web3 attaining permanence.

We believe that to ensure a robust and healthy edge computing ecosystem it must be easy to operate node infrastructure with business-grade reliability and mass-market simplicity. Operating business-grade node infrastructure is a craft and if you don’t know this craft it requires hiring key personnel with specific knowledge or paying for an expensive turnkey solution which doesn’t give you the control you need.

Gantree’s initial product is an all-in-one infrastructure toolkit for Substrate-based blockchains. With Gantree you can:

If you’re building with Substrate and Gantree sounds useful, we’d love to hear from you. We want what we build to help teams save money and ship faster. You can reach myself and Tom at our Flex Dapps emails:

📭 Alexander Ramsey — CEO: alex@flexdapps.com

📭 Tom Nash — CTO: tom@flexdapps.com

You can find the Gantree Github repository to get started here:


You can find a helpful video about how to leverage Gantree here:

👇 Sign up for Gantree’s upcoming Crowdcast webinar:

VP of Growth @ Acala and Karura. Previously launched Polkadot and Kusama @ Web3 Foundation.